Medfield Reads Program Looks to Bring Community Together

Medfield Reads aims to bring the community together over shared experiences, ideas and conversations.

Editor's note: The following was submitted by Medfield Public Library Adult Services Librarian Andrea Fiorillo. Medfield Reads is a program presented by the Medfield Public Library, funded by LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The town is invited to participate in reading the book, "Outwitting History."

We live in a fast-paced and often fractured world. There are so many demands on our time; family, work, commuting, civic engagement – another bake sale, another meeting or Facebook friend request to accept or reject. 

So much of what is happening in the digital revolution brings more options and more freedom, increasing the trend toward individualism and personalization. New devices and virtual transactions make communication dynamic and creative, yet can also divide families, neighbors, and communities.

Increasingly, we do not share a family phone, have to speak to someone to book travel, or leave the house to shop, bank, or send letters. Many homes have multiple screens with multiple channels, games and websites so that we don’t always share the same sources of entertainment or information with even our family, let alone our neighbors.

Medfield Reads aims to bring our community together over shared experiences, ideas and conversations. The book, Outwitting History, was selected because it lends itself to this goal so well. The story tells of a young man’s big (read nearly hopeless) plan to help preserve a dying language and culture. He does it by going from home to home, sitting at the kitchen table of elderly Yiddish speakers. He takes the time to listen to their stories as they pass on their books; the repositories of their language, history, and values.

The library wants to strengthen ties in the town by exploring these themes together: starting a discussion that builds on and transcends traditional relationships. The conversation begins at home and progresses outward as family members enjoy the book, neighbors meet over themed events, young and old share stories, educators and students learn together, and local businesses join forces with Medfield’s cultural institutions.  

So slow down, share and enjoy this experience.

If you’d like to get involved contact Adult Services Librarian Andrea Fiorillo:

Phone: (508) 359-4544 ext 8002

E-mail: afiorillo@minlib.net

Medfield Reads is federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.


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