BOO! What is Ghosting (or Boo-ing)?

The annual Halloween tradition is growing across the area.

"You've been ghosted!" "You've been boo-ed!" Ghosting, Boo-ing, it's all the same -- very scary.

Your doorbell rings, you answer it and look around. There's nobody there and you think you've been ding-dong-ditched. But wait, is that a bag? Yes, and it's full of delicious candies and goodies.

Ghosting has been around for more than a decade and is a tradition that has been growing across the MetroWest region. It can be a spooky, scary experience but Patch is here to help you fight the fright.

Ghosting is simple and can be fun especially in neighborhoods with a lot of children.

To start, one person fills two bags with candy and a copy of the directions (see attached photo).

That person then secretly leaves each bag on a nearby doorstop where the family gets to enjoy the treats before they, then, "ghost" two more neighbors. And so on and so on.

Half the fun is trying to figure out who ghosted who.

If you don't want to get ghosted again (but who wouldn't?), you can hang a sign on your door or front window saying that you've been ghosted (some call it being boo-ed).

Before you know it, the whole neighborhood has been ghosted and you get the spread the game further out around town.

Have you ever been ghosted? Did you play the game any differently? Share your stories and tell other readers where ghosting has already been happening.


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