What's to Become of Medfield's Double Telephone Poles?

Find out what the plan for removal is.

Come the fall, Medfield will finally be rid of its doubled-up telephone poles. 

Last fall, Medfield officials determined that there were about 104 double utility poles throughout the town, and through a series of meetings were subsequently informed that Medfield would be the first town in the state to have all such poles removed, Medfield Selectmen Richard DeSorgher in a post on his website Wednesday

Due to a lack of issued penalties in the event the poles were not removed within 90 days, however, double poles began popping up across the state, according to the post. 

So, what's to become of the poles in town?

According to DeSorgher's post, Comcast and Verizon have removed all their respective wires from the poles, which will allow NSTAR, which owns the poles, to remove them from the area. The company plans to remove about five to six poles a day, one day each week throughout the summer until all have been removed, according to the announcement. 

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