What is Your Idea for the Medfield Pocket Park?

A maze? A labyrinth? A Zen garden?

The pocket park in Medfield. Credit: Mary MacDonald
The pocket park in Medfield. Credit: Mary MacDonald
A labyrinth, a maze, a place to sit and listen to the birds. Or maybe a place to have a beer?

All have been suggested by people visiting the "In This Park" kiosk at the pocket park, a tiny little sliver of green between Zebra's restaurant and the new Starbucks. As part of a "Visions and Voices" community art project, the Medfield Cultural District Committee established the blackboard-covered kiosk, inviting people to choose a piece of colored chalk, and share their ideas.

The kiosk will be on display through Oct. 7.

In a release, committee coordinator Jean Mineo said the model was developed by public artist Candy Chung, "to provide a way for people to reflect on their community and share their hopes in a public space. We want to get creative with a community brainstorm to build something great in the heart of downtown.”


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