POLL: Do you think the intersection of Route 27 (North Meadows Road) and West Street is dangerous?

Town officials and affordable housing representatives agree that the intersection of Route 27 and West Street is a difficult intersection today.

At a continuation of the 40B hearing for -- a proposed 96 unit affordable housing complex off West Street -- earlier this week, Police Chief Robert Meaney Jr. told the Zoning Board of Appeals that there have been many "spectacular" crashes at the intersection of Route 27 (North Meadows Road) and West Street.  

If the affordable housing complex is built (approximately 1,000 feet from the intersection), it will add another estimated 638 vehicle trips a day to the traffic pattern in that area.  

Traffic engineers told the ZBA that the intersection is a problem today. Representatives from the developer, Gatehouse Group LLC, agreed.

What do you think about the intersection of Route 27 and West Street?  Take our POLL and tell us if you think the intersection is dangerous or not. 

Maureen A. Lyons June 21, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Yes, I believe this intersection is dangerous. I used to take a left from West St. to North Meadows road, but found it very dangerous at peak times. I no longer go this way to 109.
Beverly Bennotti June 22, 2012 at 01:38 AM
This intersection may be dangerous, but what is worse is the intersection of West Mill and West Street.


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