Roger E. Hardy, U.S. Merchant Marine Flag Pole Dedication

Medfield concluded its Veterans Day celebrations on Monday with the United States Merchant Marine Flag Pole dedication at Baxter Park in honor of Roger E. Hardy.

Roger E. Hardy, a proud U.S. Merchant Marine, passed away in May, but those who knew him and loved him were determined to keep his memory alive in Medfield.

At 11 a.m. on Monday, the Merchant Marine flag pole in Baxter Park was dedicated to this most deserving Medfield resident who lived quite an adventurous life.

The Committee to Study Memorials worked closely with the Hardy family and fellow WWII Merchant Marine, Jack Peterson, to make this day happen.  The committee received financial contributions from the generosity of many so that a stone marker could be put at the base of the Merchant Marine flag pole bearing Roger E. Hardy's name.

The Hardy family was there to participate in the dedication and unveiled the stone as well as raised the flag of the United States Merchant Marine.

Richard DeSorgher, Chairman of the Committee to Study Memorials, served as emcee.  Cara Daybe, a Medfield High School Student, sang the National Anthem and fellow Merchant Marines told stories about Hardy and how he survived many a situation that others did not.

Peterson spoke about his friendship with Hardy and their combined efforts to make known the injustices of Merchant Marine.  This branch of the service was not recognized and those marines were not given the same benefits.  Peterson and Hardy worked together at Medfield TV and the show became a nationwide program and one that is archived in the Library of Congress.

Patrick Conneely, another WWII Merchant Marine who served in Ireland, read a poem he wrote entitled, "A Sailor's Prayer," and presented a copy of it to Ruth Hardy.

Ron Griffin, Veterans Service Officer, presented Hardy's son, Carl, with a United States Flag and the Merchant Marine flag which was then raised to the sky.

Hardy lived an amazing life and on this Veterans Day, we remember his service to our country and honor his memory.  Next time you are near Baxter Park, take a moment to look at the U.S. Merchant Marine flag flying beside the other service flags and take a moment to honor Roger E. Hardy.


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