Medfield Garden Club Installs New Garden on Hospital Road Island

The following letter was submitted to Medfield Patch by Nancy Tella of the Medfield Garden Club.

Credit: Medfield Patch file photo.
Credit: Medfield Patch file photo.

Dear Fellow Residents of Medfield, 

As you enter the north side of Medfield on route 27, The Medfield Garden Club hopes you will take note of a new garden site we have just installed at the Hospital Road island. It is a lovely example of collaboration between the selectmen's office, the Department of Public Works, and the Medfield Garden Club with the common goal of beautifying the town of Medfield. 

With the support of the selectmen, the MGC planned the site and with the tremendous assistance of the men of the Highway Department, it has become a reality. Under the direction of Ken Feeney, Bobby Kennedy and his crew pulled up the ugly green asphalt, dug up the soil, placed a couple of large stones as focal points and then edged the island site with river stones and mulch. Even without the plants it was beautiful!! 

The garden has just been planted and mulched and will hopefully develop into a pretty roadside garden to welcome folks as they enter our town. 

Please enjoy, and thanks again to all involved in this effort. 


Nancy Tella 
Medfield Garden Club

Osler Peterson June 03, 2014 at 12:28 PM
Nancy, I saw it yesterday for the first time. It looks great. Such an improvement. Thank you for getting this accomplished for the Town of Medfield.


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