Fox 25 Will Zip to Medfield on June 24

Fox 25 Boston plans to visit Medfield on June 24 as part of its ongoing "Zip Trip" TV series.

In the early morning hours of June 24, while most of Medfield is sleeping, there will be a Fox lurking about somewhere in town.

That’s the day that Fox 25’s morning team will descend on Medfield as part of their well-known Zip Trip remote broadcasts.

Boston's Fox affiliate has been taking its morning newscast to cities and towns across the Commonwealth, via the Zip Trip format, since 2004 and has, to date, visited 140 communities.

In January and February of this year, “a call went out to viewers, asking them to tell us why we should go to their towns,” a Fox spokesperson said. Medfield residents responded and 02052 was tentatively added to Fox’s 2011 Zip Trip Schedule.

About five to six weeks ago, the Board of Selectmen were contacted by Fox 25, who sought and received official sanction for the four-hour live broadcast.

Along with the expected news, weather and sports reports, the broadcast will showcase Medfield’s landmarks, people and discuss the issues currently affecting the town.

“Our aim is to shine the light on the town,” a station spokesperson said. “We also will have Zip Trip (Medfield) Trivia, Hometown Hero and Talk of the Town segments and speak with Medfield people."

Assistant Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler, who was designated as the liaison between the town and the Boston television station admits that “they pretty much have it all down pat” and that her sole contribution, thus far, was to supply them with names.

“They asked if there was a Chamber of Commerce and I gave them MEMO,” she said. “They also wanted to know if there was a town historian and I gave them Richard DeSorgher’s name.”

Trierweiler also supplied them with names of local businesses and places of interest.

The Fox morning news team, anchors, Gene Lavanchy and Kim Carrigan;  meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon; commentator, Doug VB Goudie and reporter, Elizabeth Hopkins will be joined throughout the broadcast by residents of the town, including local dignitaries during the 6 to 10 a.m. broadcast. The Zip Trip team will also highlight Medfield businesses and landmarks.

Fox television crews will precede the on-air staff, preparing the site for broadcast, sometime around 3 a.m. Although no official details of the visit have, as yet, been announced publicly, rumor has it that the broadcast will originate from the gazebo at Medfield Library.

Medfield Police are not planning any special arrangements for the visit other than to provide a police detail for traffic flow. In terms of the impact on traffic in the area, Police Chief Robert Meaney Jr. believes that it will be negligible. “

It’s the day after school gets out,” he said, suggesting that traffic will be lighter than usual.

When asked if he was familiar with Fox 25’s Zip Trip concept,  Meaney answered in the affirmative.

“What I do in the morning is to put on TV,” he said, “and alternate between CNN and Fox  25.”

He noted that he enjoys the Zip Trip broadcasts because he finds them “interesting.” “They showcase local eating establishments and (other) local businesses.”

He admits to being a fan of the Zip Trip Trivia segment and finds them informative.

“I hope I would be able to answer [the Medfield trivia] questions,” he joked.

Though admittedly not familiar with the Zip Trip broadcasts, Medfield Selectman, Osler "Pete" Peterson believes that the media exposure would be “a plus for the town” and that playing host to the June 24 morning news “will be  fun and perhaps [even] memorable.”

Among the landmark locations that Peterson would nominate for exposure are , , Noon Hill and the walking trail off  Route 27.

Meaney believes the Zip Trip broadcast “will be positive” and “will help out local businesses.”

“It’s nice when those places can get additional exposure,” he said. “Especially in this economy.”

HJ June 14, 2011 at 10:57 PM
I wish the Fox 25 team would come to Mansfield for a Zip Trip. They'd get a great crowd on North Common, especially with all the commuters there.


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