Angel Tree Program at Needham Bank Depends on Community Support

The Angel Tree Program is up and running at Needham Bank. The community's help is needed to meet the needs of 140 children this year.

The Medfield Youth Outreach department is once again giving the community the opportunity to help a Medfield child or teen in need this holiday season through the Angel Tree Program at Needham Bank.

On the tree, you will find a paper angel with a gift request on it.  Simply take an angel and fulfill the request most of which are for an item of $35 or less. 

The wrapped item should be returned to the bank by 9 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 17.

The Angel Tree’s mission is to provide one "want" and one "need" to a Medfield child or teen during the holiday season. The program has grown to include the support of various other sources and, thanks to community assistance, it has also been able to grow its ability to meet the needs of local families who could use a little extra holiday cheer.

The Angel Tree Program is another example of how grace and kindness are extended from one Medfield resident to another. The community's generosity and support is greatly appreciated.

This year, 140 angels were placed on the tree on Nov. 8. The Medfield Christmas Angels have sponsored an additional 38 families for Medfield Youth Outreach this year. Another two families are sponsored by outside resources. Toy drives and other giving also supplement the one want and one need that the program is designed to meet.

Many senior citizens and families have looked forward to the tradition of the tree for years. They enjoy looking at the angels and choosing a want or a need. Some youth take an angel of a child their own age, and sometimes families approach the tree together with each member taking an angel.

The program was started in the mid 1990s by the Medfield Youth Outreach office and Dot Steves, the former Branch Manager of the former Ben Franklin Bank. In 2009, the tree was moved to Needham Bank which graciously took in the tree when it lost its home.

Dawn Alcott, Medfield Youth Outreach Director, thanked Needham Bank's Medfield Branch Manager, Stephen Walls, for hosting this program with continued warm reception.

The Medfield Youth Outreach department is privileged to get to know the families who participate in giving their requests for the Angel Tree. They learn each year of the many ways both residents who are receiving gifts from the Angel Tree, and those who give gifts to the Angel Tree, use their time and talents in the community during the year.

Without the generosity of the Medfield community, there would be no Angel Tree or Christmas Angels or associated programs. Medfield Youth Outreach is very fortunate to work and serve in Medfield and to be able, through the caring of others, to bring blessing to families who could use extra holiday cheer. 

This year Medfield Youth Outreach has heard from many families seeking information on fuel assistance and other programs. Job loss, illness, and the increased cost of living are causing more and more families to seek outside resources to make ends meet. Medfield Youth Outreach helps residents with those issues all year round and can be reached at 508-359-7121.

Note: Head teller Linda Thomas and teller Bernie Santacroce posed for a picture next to the Angel Tree.  Santacroce is being celebrated this week as she is retiring after working at Needham Bank for 18 years.


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