10 Ways You Can Use Patch in 2012

We've recently added, tweaked and changed a host of features, so even if you think you know...

2012 is going to be a big year. 

No, not because there is a movie spelling the world's doom, or even what's sure to be a high-intensity presidential election.

It's a gigantic year because you can get involved and share all things Medfield like never before.

We have certainly grown and changed since . So even if you think you know how to use Patch like a pro, here are some user-friendly tips.

Here are 10 ways you can use Medfield Patch to stay informed - and more importantly, inform others.

  1. Add photos to our brand new Neighborhood Gallery. Have a great picture from a Warriors sports game or musical performance at the Lowell Mason Auditorium? Or share photos from one of the many events that take place in the or the Gazebo Park. You can share it with everyone else in town through our online photo gallery - an easy spot for your family to find and view.

  2. Follow every step of a story. Use our follow-up feature to know when we post a new story about a topic you're vested in. Want to learn the latest Are you curious of Just click on the "Keep Me Posted" button at the bottom of your desired article. 

  3. Seamlessly tell neighbors about a great shopping or dining experience. Who better to trust with a review of a business or restaurant than a neighbor? You can rate businesses - good or bad - by going to their Places page and sharing your thoughts. 

  4. Share an opinion by commenting on stories. What you think matters, so tell the rest of us what is on your mind. At Medfield Patch, we offer a daily "Question of the Day" poll regarding local, regional, state or national news and issues. We are always interested in your opinions and want to know what you think. Your comments are important to us! So, don't be shy, and let your voices be heard right here.

  5. Let us know about a great story. Did you attend a fantastic PTO event or an exciting game? E-mail us a write-up and a picture or two and we may post it on D-S Patch.

  6. Want to share or contribute on a regular basis? Let your work be seen and become a go-to source by becomming a Local Voices blogger. Let us know your idea and we'll set you up right away. 
  7. Post announcements for free. The old days of paying a publication to publish a wedding announcement are history! Now you can tell the town when you get married, have a baby, graduate or make the honor roll ... All for free and just by following the easy link above.

  8. Know before you go. Wonder if traffic is backed up in the area? Or where you should fill the gas tank before you hit the road? Always check our Traffic & Gas tool before you get stuck in a jam.

  9. Give us a piece of your mind. Thank someone or let us know what you think of a topic by submitting a that we'll publish on the site. 

  10. Get your news delivered every day. Wake up and have Medfield Patch in your e-mail inbox with the latest, freshest news around.


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