Medfield Lions Club invites all our neighbors to change their energy supplier to Viridian and support our club.

Enrolling is simple. All an individual has to do is go to www.viridian.com/medfieldlions and click on the tab at the top of the site to "Become a Customer". This will bring you to the registration page where you will enter your zip code and choose "residential" for the class. You will then choose the 50% green Everyday option. After entering this information, click on the continue tab at the bottom of the screen and just follow the prompts for to enter in the remaining information. On the last page there is a confirmation that needs to be scrolled through for terms and conditions, and as soon as you click the "agree" tab you will be brought to the Congratulations page! The process takes only a few minutes and each person to register will support the Medfield Lions Club!

Based on your electricity usage, Viridian will pay Medfield Lions Club $2 per month for each customer. Viridian's rates are also very competitive, and you are likely to save money on your electricity, which will still be distributed by Nstar.

To learn more about Viridian, log onto www.viridiancares.org, or www.liveviridian.com. You can also speak to Candace Loewen at the Medfield Housing Authority (508-359-6454) with any questions about Viridian's rates, or the signing up process.


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