Hosting Opportunity for Medfield High School

Medfield High School is inviting up to five international students to join the 2014-15 school year. This exciting initiative is part of the school district’s efforts to expand its global education program. To make this program a success, we need quality hosts for these students who can provide a private room; three meals a day and a supportive home environment.

To attract hosts, Medfield High School is working with gphomestay, a sister company of The Cambridge Institute of International Education, Medfield High School's corporate partner on this program. To ensure that this initiative is a success, gphomestay is providing Medfield High School with the following resources: $7,000 stipend to hosts to offset the costs for bringing an international student into your home; a referral bonus of $150 to any individual and $250 to any organization that results in an approved host application; an orientation program for the international students, host, and the school; access to a local Residential Coordinator who will be available twenty-four hours a day; and support as needed from gphomestay’s bilingual and bicultural staff.

We are very proud that four students from China have already chosen Medfield High School from among many other fine high schools in the state. If you are interested in providing a culturally enriching experience for yourself, your neighborhood, our international guests, and the students at Medfield High School, please visit gphomestay at www.gphomestay.com  for more information.

Contact us at ofrias@gphomestay.com or (781) 996-0773 for more information, or fill out our Online Application Form: http://www.gphomestay.com/Application.html


Meet our international students today by visiting the high school’s website at www.medfield.net/mhs


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